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2 The Booming Dental Tourism in Thailand

Dental Tourism Thailand

South East Asia as well as South Asia is the preferred center for clients from US, UK and various other European Nations. When we talk about South East Asian countries after that Thailand is the one that ends up being the leader in this component of the globe. Dental Tourism or Cross Border Treatment is […]

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Braces Knows No Age For Beautiful Smile


Just a few days ago, we finished orthodontic therapy for a young beautiful lady who elegantly has commemorated her 50th birthday. It was an incredible party and also a success for us when she discussed exactly how the modifications in her smile made her feel elated. Usually while considering braces, the majority of us imagine […]

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Does It Exist? – The Truth About “Dental Phobia”

Dental Phobia

A “phobia” is generally defined as “an irrational serious worry that causes avoidance of the feared situation, object or task” (nonetheless, the Greek word “phobia” merely implies concern). Exposure to the been afraid stimulus provokes an immediate stress and anxiety response, which might take the type of an anxiety attack. The phobia causes a great […]

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Top Bangkok Dentist

I am at Smile Everyday. A dental office in Bangkok. You have a choice for your dental care. The choices we make when it comes to our health, of course, take a higher priority. Our oral hygiene, tooth and gum health are vital to our body, mind and spirit. If you’ve ever traveled to Thailand, […]

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