10 Dental Implant Essentials to a Guaranteed Hollywood Smile

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Our smiles are vital to our self-confidence, relationships, and overall health. If you’ve been considering dental implants, here are 10 Essential Areas to learn.

Training Where was your dentist trained? The quality of your implants is a direct reflection on his or her training.

Associations Is he vetted by his peers? You’ll experience increased comfort when your dentist gets approval from other dentists.

Real Cases Studies Can your dentist provide current examples of his work? Do the “before and after” photos show quality? ..and recent work?

Social Proof Are there any reviews? The more patients your implant dentist has, the better. The more successful reviews they have, the more confidence you will have.

Time requirements Make sure your dentist explains the procedure and recovery times.

Written plan We often forget much of what we hear. Make sure there is a written plan provided to you. This is especially important for your post-operative recovery time.

Value Some quality dentists have low overhead. Travel to modern cities with a low cost of living. Bangkok Thailand is one example of high tech/ low-cost value. If there are payment options; that is an added bonus!

Scheduling Successful dentists are busy. If they need to schedule you a few days in advance, that is a good sign.

Technology Does your dentist have 3D imaging for precise alignment? Precise alignment of dental implants is VITAL.  Make sure your dentist has the best available technology.

Extras Consider traveling abroad for medical tourism. Are there amenities like spas and hotels close by?

Choosing a dentist for dental implants need not be done in the dark. Use this guide and your common sense to hire the right dentist for you. Click here for more information.



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Dr. Tanawat Sangpaiboon is the Founder and Managing Director of Smile Everyday Dental Clinic. As a dentist, he specializes in Functional Jaw Orthopedics. He is also an entrepreneur.

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